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The Garden at Bruckless House

sea viewXS.jpg

A Sea view

Bruckless House gardens have direct access to the sea. From the reception rooms there are beautiful views over the lawns, through the mature trees and down to the shore. The garden trail around the house takes in 15 points of interest....deciduous Azaleas and large Magnolia Stellata,  a wooded area with a young Dividia and various large leaved Rhododendrons.  


The Blue Hydranger Walk

One then returns to the house by way of the Blue Hydrangea Walk, along the main avenue.


The Secret Way

A stone path leads down to the woods, and then meanders through ferns and bluebells down to the sea, passing an outer wall of the 18th Century walled garden. At the bottom of the garden there is a Japanese garden, a primula bed, Irises, Gunnera and a small Dawn Redwood tree.